The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 09/19/14

Get ready to weekend, people. 


Status: $13,017 of $40,000 goal
Estimated delivery: March 2015
While not quite the self-locking bike, this clever universal bike saddle transforms from seat to secure locking system in one swift movement. Clip off the seat and a solid meter-long hinged lock unfurls to be wrapped through a wheel and frame, which means no more shlepping around a clanky chain or clunky U-lock. Just remember not to lose the key or you're doubly screwed.

TUL Self-Weighing Suitcases

Status: $12,316 of $85,300 goal
Estimated delivery: December 2014
No need to balance your overstuffed roller bag on the bathroom scale to ensure you don't get knocked with an overweight fee at the airport, thanks to this handsome, hard-shell suitcase which has a built-in scale that tells you its exact weight without lifting a finger.

Brooklyn Boot Company

Status: $14,381 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: November 2014
Looking to lace up in a pair of Red Wings this winter but don't feel like dropping nearly $300 on a pair? The dudes behind this new upstart boot brand are here to help. Their direct-to-consumer business model allows them to sell premium leather winter-ready kicks for a fraction of what you'd drop online or in store for something from a comparable name brand. Consider us very, very interested.

The Kreweser

Price: $799+
Status: $4,650 of $90,000 goal
Estimated delivery: March 2015
Question: When is the right time to invest in a motorized scooter whose seat doubles as a giant beverage cooler and stereo system? Answer: Now. Summer may be over, but the Kreweser is just getting started.

Yoga Joes

Status: $3,543 of $40,000 goal
Estimated delivery: December 2014
From the same guy who brought us the wonderfully weird Brogamats, these are the miniature army men for the modern guy, replacing weapons and battle stances with yoga mats and downward facing dogs. The whole venture isn't just simply to be silly either, but rather an effort to get military vets—and the people who support them—to try out yoga as a therapeutic tool. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His favorite yoga pose is sleeping. That's one, right?