This Smartbulb Doubles As A Killer Sonos Competitor

If you're living in a tiny apartment, having any extra space—and good lighting—can make a huge difference. Twist, a hi-tech new LED lightbulb, manages to help you out with both of those issues in one small package: it adjusts its light depending on the time of day AND it has an Airplay-enabled speaker, so you won't have to worry about allocating any extra space for a sound system. 

The Twist doesn't depend on any complicated home grid or additional apps to run. Just twist it into a lamp (see what they did there?) and flip the switch on the dimmer. The light will adjust automatically depending on the time of day, ranging from bright and bold in the morning to ambient purple once the sun goes down. Bulbs can last from 12 to 15 years and only use 10 watts of energy, so you'll be saving power and money, too.
Head here to pre-order the Single Room Set for $250, a big savings from the $399 regular price at the early 2016 launch.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He likes both light and sound.

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