Fix Your Bad Posture In Two Weeks

The adverse effects of crouching over our increasingly small screens for hours on end are not only superficial (we may be slowly devolving into a race of hunchbacks), but as the Wall Street Journal recently reported, such poor posture is actually making us sadder. And that is sad. But thanks to a dedicated team of Israeli entrepreneurs, there's now a way to passively train your way back to sitting pretty in just a couple weeks using a special device called the UpRight.

The two-part program consists of a discreet and wireless sensor-laden gizmo that attaches to your lower back via an adhesive patch and a special training app. As you wear the device, it will monitor the movements of your vertebrae and gently vibrate to alert you to correct your body alignment the moment you start to slouch.

Of course they don't expect you to make the transition from sloucher to stud overnight, which is why they suggest starting out by wearing the device just 15 minutes a day and setting gradual, customized goals via the app based on your height, age, lifestyle, and activities.

In the scheme of things, having this thing stuck to your back for a few weeks is a pittance when you consider the osteoporotic old lady back it may save you from.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and could really use a trip to the chiropractor.