Watch A Drone Catch Some Dude Napping On Top Of A Wind Turbine

Ah, the peaceful (and by now ubiquitous) drone-captured aerial video. Perfect blue skies, picturesque landscape, beautiful blue ocean, and... a white bearded dude napping on top of a 200-foot tall wind turbine? Yeah, we weren't exactly expecting that, either. 

According to The Daily Mirror, drone operator Kevin Miller was on vacation in Rhode Island when the fateful encounter took place and assumes the man was an engineer who had the keys to the turbine's top hatch, hence the reason he was able to scale to the top of the massive pinwheel. 

There you go, everyone: even if you go so far as to sneak up to the top of a 200-foot tall wind turbine at work for a quick snooze, someone WILL catch you and snitch to your boss. Don't blame me. Blame the drones.

h/t The Daily Mirror

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. No matter what you say, he'll deny that he napped for an hour last Wednesday at work. 

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