Holy Crap: Bluetooth Star Trek Communicators Just Became A Reality

That obnoxious sound you may have heard earlier today? The excited sobs of Trekkies everywhere when they saw this bad boy is soon going to be a reality. The Wand Company just threw down a certified replica of the iconic Star Trek Original Series Communicator. A fully-functioning certified replica. Yeah. Makes sense that they'd freak out so much now. 

Exactly how accurate of a reproduction of the original communicator is this? How about constructed using structured 3-D scans accurate? Oh, and it does something the original never did—it actually works, using Bluetooth to connect to your phone. 

Pre-order one at the official Star Trek Shop here for $150 for a January ship date, and work on your best Kirk impression in the meantime.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he's more into the idea of a fully functioning phaser.

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