Watch Bill Nye Explain the Internet Using Emojis

Back in elementary school, I never really got science -- until the teacher rolled out the TV cart and popped the Bill Nye the Science Guy tape into the VCR.

That (largely) remains the case today. Thankfully, Bill is still spitting knowledge to the masses and using common terms, pop culture, and... yes, even emojis, to simplify and communicate complicated concepts in entertaining and easily understood ways. Here he is explaining how the Internet affects our brains, using everyone's favorite form of short-form messaging.

Whoa. If anyone else had tried to convince me about my prefrontal cortex and the effect the Internet has on it, I'd just use it to shift my attention to my phone and ignore them.

h/t Mashable

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he just wants to know when Bill Nye is going to get back into the parody educational music video game.

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