Watch Clips Of History's Greatest Movie Quotes On Demand

Sure, the Internet Movie Database can give you a digest of memorable quotes from a specific film, but that requires actually searching for the movie, clicking a particular section, and reading it on the page, like a chump. Booooring. It'd be so much better if there were a simple, searchable database stocked with actual video clips of the lines you love.

Good news, such a thing exists at

The fledgling site currently features an ever-expanding clip library of over 250,000 lines of dialogue in 143 popular and cult flicks—from A Christmas Story to The Sandlot—which can be searched for by keyword or title. If you're super bored, you can also roll the dice and shuffle through a randomized selection.

What's more, if a particular quote is near and dear to you (or a particular email chain demands some more color) each page provides the option to download an audio file or create a .gif version.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. Samuel L. Jackson is his hairspiration.