This App Lets Cats Instagram...All By Themselves

Cats have long been running the Internet game—their popularity has soared as people just can't seem to stop sharing pictures and videos of their favorite felines. But long awaited has been the day when cats can finally take the interwebz into their own paws and run their own social media all by their lonesome, fluffy selves.

The future is here, and it comes with self-shot fur balls. Meet Catstacam, the app/gizmo that straps a camera to your kitty's collar, takes six pictures every minute, and, when your cat is in Wi-Fi range (that's a sentence I've never heard before...), automatically uploads the stills to an Instagram account that you will have happily set up.

The Catstacam comes complete with a little cat-themed toy, so it's not all bad for your kitty. The cat food brand Whiskas is behind the whole shebang, and currently, they are apparently only giving out the Catstacam protoype to cat-children of celebrities (seriously), with no hard date set for a public release.

I sincerely hope this is not some kind of early attempt at an April Fools' joke, because if there's anything to be learned from the pics below (pulled from one of the early participants), it's that Instagrams that cats take are like, 100x better than those 12 pictures of your kale salad.