This Podcast Teaches You How To Build A Multimillion Dollar Startup

Podcasts are having a moment right now. Yes they've been around for years, but recent successes like Serial, the captivating true-life drama from the creators of This American Life, have propelled the budding medium directly into the spotlight. There's another growing podcast series quickly ascending through the ether that should definitely be on your radar: Startup.

It's hosted by the award-winning TAL and Planet Money alum Alex Blumberg, and simply put, tells what it's like when someone who knows nothing about business starts one. The program documents Blumberg's real-life journey in real time, as he launches his own new business, a media company for podcasts. It's meta, for sure, but more importantly, it's fantastic.

The show hits the ground running from episode one (there are seven at the time of this writing), during which Blumberg botches his business pitch to Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chris Sacca. The podcast continues to keep you engaged as Blumberg navigates everything, from how much of the company to share when he brings on a partner, to how to successfully woo investors. There's even an entire episode that explores the frustrating and fascinating process that goes into naming a company.

It's a 30-minute front row seat to insider startup culture, a peek behind the curtain at how, why, and when big ideas can yield big money. Give it a try, and try not to get hooked.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He subscribes to roughly 7,000 different podcasts.