Browse A More Beautiful Wikipedia

As much as it's become a research crutch for us all, Wikipedia's look and feel hasn't changed much since it launched back in 2001. And since Jimmy Wales certainly doesn't seem to be in any rush to give it an update, a few dedicated developers built WikiWand. It's a gorgeous interface that transforms every Wikipedia entry into a far more robust and multimedia-packed experience. Seriously, it can even make hills look sexy

Not only will the Chrome extension improve your navigation experience visually with its optimized layout, appealing typography, and image-heavy presentation, but pages actually load three times faster, giving you an edge on your fellow players of Six Degrees of Wikipedia.

They aren't selfishly exploiting the non-profit and its freely licensed 30 million articles, either; they're donating 30% of profits—generated by integrating a few contextually-relevant ads for textbooks, articles, courses, and other educational material—to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's afraid to learn how many collective hours he's spent on Wikipedia in the last 10 years.