The world's first invisible speaker

Published On 01/08/2014 Published On 01/08/2014

For the ultimate minimalist, ClearView Audio's Clio is a new ultra-thin transparent glass speaker setup that blasts your pad with panoramic audio while disappearing into the aesthetic of whatever room it's in.

ClearView Audio

Vaguely resembling a dismembered Vespa windshield, it syncs to all manner of devices via Bluetooth, and employs proprietary Edge Motion tech that, unlike traditional cone speakers (which pump sound from just one side), uses special actuators that render the glass pane its own transducer and allows for a full 360 degrees of audio.

ClearView Audio

And should the tiny shred of bulk and buttons at the bottom be an issue, you still have a choice of silver, bronze, or charcoal to ensure it jives with your decor.



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