The World's Smartest Home Energy System Keeps Your Bills Down

Nothing is worse than getting hit by a huge, surprise energy bill. One month it's something you don't even think about, and then BOOM, last month's habit of leaving your lights on and A/C running just cost you a huge chunk of change. With Ecoisme, the world's smartest home energy tracking device, you'll never have to worry about getting caught unawares by a big bill again. 

Developed by tech wizards in Krakow, Poland, Ecoisme uses specialized sensors to track your energy consumption. It can identify everything plugged into your grid and process the information in real time to let you know when something seems off, or, more accurately in this case, when something is left on.

All of your energy use is laid out in a simple-to-use interface, broken down to the level of the device.

Best of all, Ecoisme sends your phone notifications about your energy usage, so you can really just plug the device in and let it do the worrying for you. The system is compatible with both iOS and Android, so no one is left out of the energy-saving goodness. 

Ecoisme is just now launching its IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, so jump in early here to be one of the first on board. The first 100 people to pledge $99 to the campaign will receive a first-run device for $100 off the projected launch price of $199, and the first 350 people to pledge $150 will get one and save $50. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor who would rather sweat all summer than pay for A/C.