This Dummy-Proof 3D Printer Costs Less Than An iPad

Published On 04/17/2015 Published On 04/17/2015
Da Vinci Printer

While the days of running to your kitchen to print out a fresh burrito any time you are craving Mexican may not quite be hot and spicy reality, the days when you can affordably print out applicable tools, or self-made designs of all your most despised tourist traps, are here. And it comes free of a beginner's curve. 

From XYZprinting, comes the ridiculously easy-to-use da Vinci 1.0 Jr. 3D Printer. It's easy to use, stylized off those old school Macs (you know, from computer lab?), and can be yours for $350. 

The da Vinci is the most affordable 3D printing option to hit the mass market, cutting costs down by using a spool-loaded thermoplastic filament, as opposed to pricey pop-in cartridges, which can be easily and efficiently replaced. 

The unit weighs 27 lbs and is roughly the size of a standard desktop printer. It requires no setup, no calibration, and really, no stress. You lose out on a lot of the features higher-end models (including XYZ) make, but for simplicity and ease of use, the da Vinci Jr. should be your go-to.



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