You Need The Supercompressor Chrome Extension

Published On 10/22/2014 Published On 10/22/2014
The Supercompressor Chrome extension
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Hey tiger, welcome to—the finest website on the Internet. 

If you weren't linked here by accident while trying to hit up the incredibly confusing, there's a strong chance you like what we do. We like that about you. You have good taste and a great head of hair. And since you're already part of the excellent fan club for the site that shows you the absolute coolest stuff for guys, it's about time you get the fully integrated browsing experience with the totally free Supercompressor Chrome Extension.

By way of our hard-working, bordering-on-biologically-perfect tech team, we now have our very own extension for Chrome. Get involved. 

You may be asking: What's Chrome? What's an extension? What the heck's the Internet, anyway?! All valid questions. Valid questions that can be answered by downloading the plugin (link above), opening a new tab, and gawking at the beauty that is your new SC Chrome Extension. Here are some sexy photos of what your Internet viewing could look like. 

When you open a new tab, you're smacked in the face with a beautiful photo from our catalogue of stories. If you like what you see, a link on the bottom of the page will bring you to the story you're gawking over. 

Alongside a sexy photo of a car, watch, or slice of house porn, you're given the time in a clean Helvetica Neue font that just shouts: "this extension makes the Internet way less sh*tty." 

You can choose which SC verticals you want to appear: Gear, Tech, Rides, Home, and Vice—though, pro-tip: Vice is automatically there is so much NSFW material. 

Cars and architecture, two of the things we do best.

It's not just an easier way to browse our content, it's a statement to the world that your taste in web-browsing is better than everyone else's. Is that Burt Reynolds? Yes, yes it is. 

Give it a try and do your best to not drool all over your keyboard. Not that there's anything wrong with that.



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