The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 12/26/14

It's the very last weekend of 2014. Let's make it count.

The Crib-Case

Status: $1,344 of $55,000 goal
Estimated delivery: January 2015
Sure, your phone has tons of games already, but our digital world is slowly atrophying your fine motor skills. This phone case, available for Apple or Android, brings the classic game of cribbage to your fingertips with a scaled down board on the back of your device. The pegs are stored at the base, and when not in use, the texturized wooden look gives your phone a classic feel. Perfect for making friends with the cutie next to you on the airplane.


Status: £870,971 of £125,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: June 2015
You're lying to yourself if you've ever said you don't want a pocket-sized drone that can take HD photos and video. Zano syncs with your smartphone for easy control and navigation, and its internal sensors can help it maneuver any obstacles it might encounter in the skies. And when it comes down to it, it's a lot cheaper than getting your pilot's license. 


Status: €4,297 of €8,500 goal
Estimated delivery: January, 2015
The concept behind this playful light fixture is at once simple and whimsical. Thin wire suspends an LED bulb from a wooden dowel, on which books can easily be balanced. You can switch out the books to change the look and feel of your decor. Give it a a few years; you may just see these in libraries everywhere. 

Fred Water Flask

Status: $136,447 of $50,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: January 2015
Water—it's arguably the most important part of anyone's health and wellness routine, but a pain in the ass to keep with you on the go. Unless you're carrying a backpack, a water bottle is a pretty cumbersome item to lug around. The Fred Flask aims to change things with the first-ever flask designed to keep you hydrated no matter where you are. Its sleek, brushed aluminum exterior holds 18 ounces of water, and at just 1.8 inches deep, you can easily stash it in your pocket. No more excuses for your lack of fitness in 2015, people.

Tawny Goods: Generational Bootmakers

Price: $150
Status: $12,960 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: February 2015
The founders of Tawny Goods were traveling abroad when they met shoemakers from Leon, Mexico, inspiring their footwear startup. Their penchant for menswear lead them on a journey to create quality boots at an affordable price, channeling classic aesthetics from England. Choose from wingtips, toecap boots, loafers, and desert boots, all handmade in Mexico by life-long tanners and leather-makers.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She's very disappointed no one got her a drone for Christmas. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.