This $9 Magnetic Adapter Makes Charging Your Phone A Snap

Even though each round of new smartphones has brought us remarkable advances in mobile tech—we now have a phone that can project holographic keyboards, people—one area going all the way back to pre-Razr days has stayed essentially the same: the charging port. ZNAPS, a tiny $9 magnetic adapter, is stepping in to change the game and save you from frayed up charging cords for good.

It's a simple set-up: just plug the magnetic adapter into your phone's charging port—ZNAPS has adapters for both Lightning and micro-USB ports, so just about all phones are supported—snap it to your charging cord, and boom, magnetic charging enabled, just like on your Mac. 

Best of all, ZNAPS is super cheap at $9, running you less than you would probably pay for every cord ruined from constant yanking. Head here to the Kickstarter campaign and snag one for yourself (word to the wise: check out ALL the promotions on the page. They're offering you some free swag if you play your cards right). 

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