There's a bagel shop in Queens serving amazing ramen

Although bagel shops are already pretty much the best places in the world (mmm, scallion cream cheese on an everything...), the people at Bricktown Bagels managed to make their's even better with scallion-bacon cream cheese the addition of Mu Ramen, which comes in after close Wednesday through Saturday and sets up a 10-seat ramen counter (fine, it's actually a communal table), from whence they're dishing out awesome Japanese noodles, pork buns, and assorted apps.

Bricktown Bagels - Ramen NYC - Ramen Long Island City - Mu Ramen

This is what it looks like during the day... all bagels and Frosted Flakes...

Mu Ramen - Ramen NYC - Ramen Queens

... and chandeliers. At night, they clear out some space and push the tables together into one large communal that you'll share with other slurpers. Oh, and the whole thing's BYOB, so come packing Hitachino.

So what're they gonna put in front of your about-to-slurp-everything-in-sight face? They've got two ramens for now, with the possibility of more in the future (that they say'll involve Parmesan). They literally use about 100lbs of pork bones in the broths, which get consistently boiled down over the course of the week. Once they're perfectly fatty, creamy, and rich, they find their way into the ramen, like the Spicy Miso with ground pork, roasted corn, seasoned bamboo, a seasoned egg, and literally anything else you want -- they'll let you load it up with all kinds of of other goodness at your discretion.

Mu Ramen - Ramen NYC - Ramen Queens

The other ramen for now is the Tonkotsu 2.0, which Chef Joshua first made when he was at Zutto in Tribeca (he's also had stints at Per Se, Bouley, and Buddakan). This time though, the super-creamy, brothed bad boy has a few noteworthy additions with pork jowl, sesame, scallions, and a thinner/straighter noodle. Same deal here, too -- you can add whatever (whatever = braised pork belly) you want.

Mu Ramen - Ramen NYC - Ramen Queens

Beyond the ramen is a great name for a futuristic Japanese rom com... but also what you see here. Just one of a handful of non-ramen options, this spicy, pillowy, crunchy bao's stuffed with white kimchi, jalapenos, a hunk of short rib, and Tobanjan spicy mayo. No, you can't get it on a bagel.