This City-Friendly Fire Pit Is the Perfect Happy Hour Accessory

And even better? It's on sale.

Solo Stove
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There's nothing like having a few drinks with friends on a breezy summer's night after the sun goes down. And it's even better when you can create your own fireside happy hour at home. The compact Solo Stove Ranger fire pit makes it simple and is compact enough to be safely used in small backyards and city patios. 

The portable stainless steel Solo Stove Ranger weighs just 15 pounds and is roughly the size of a mop bucket, so you don't have to worry about it dominating any limited outdoor space you may be dealing with at home. Plus, it's equipped with a special airflow system that allows it to burn hot and give off a good amount of heat while producing limited smoke (you're welcome, neighbors). It also boasts a nifty built-in ash pan, so clean-up is a cinch (and you'll leave no trace behind). The best part? Right now the entire rig is on sale for a cool $65 off retail price, meaning you can order one today for just $205 (with free shipping)!

In terms of fuel, it takes good ol' wood logs (though since it's small, "chunks" are even better), which you can easily find online at Home Depot. Also, it's exceptionally portable -- for when the time comes that you can take it to over to a friend's place -- with its own carry case and handles. 

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