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This Koozie Disguises Your Beer As An Innocent Cup of Coffee

Stealthily sipping some suds on the street is about to get a whole lot simpler. Seriously.

Thanks to new beer koozies called Lolo Lids, you may soon be able to easily dress up a canned adult beverage as an inconspicuous cup of coffee -- effectively making your favorite beer a master of disguise. Needless to say, the implications for public drinking and open container law enforcement are endless. Unlike our forbearers' low-tech crumpled paper bags, nobody will know you've sunken to the level of actually drinking at the dog park or a the grocery store. What a time to be alive.

Here's how it works: The inner part of the lid secures the top of your beer can, while the outer rim snaps onto your coffee cup just like an actual coffee cup lid. Unsurprisingly, the creators have designed it to fit disposable coffee cups from the big coffee chains, so you can sip some pumpkin ale under the guise of a PSL. Additionally, a secondary tube in the lid prevents the beer from foaming, and the air trapped inside of the coffee cup will help keep it cool, according to the Lolo Lids website. The gadget has already surpassed its $15,000 Kickstarter funding goal with two weeks left. 

Well, secretly drink responsibly, folks.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and has poured cheap sauvignon blanc over ice in a Starbucks iced venti cup, which looks just like iced green tea. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.