Because you love bars. And having money to spend at them.

There's nothing like March Madness: no other sporting event packs in the skill, the passion, and the delicious uncertainty offers you more opportunities to hang in your favorite bars, or participate in gambling so tolerated by law enforcement, even the President does it! Now you can actually root for those bars, and make sweet cash off their success: Thrillist's Bar Madness.

Bar Madness is a bracket-style showdown between hard-boozing, hard-sports-watching establishments from 16 different cities, with each round's winners chosen by the Joe Lunardi of the sports-bar scene: you. For starters, you'll weigh in on which of your locals should advance into the later rounds, be it Hully & Mo, Press Box Grill, or Christies, but not Doug Christie's, because if you could stay committed to your wife, you wouldn't spend so much time in sports bars. Then -- regardless of whether or not your city's bars make it -- you'll vote on a National Champion, be it from Dallas, New York, LA, Austin, or even Philly, where Paddy Whack's Irish Sports Pub might deserve it on vaguely offensive name alone.

The best part: every round you vote in (six total) enters you to win a $2011 Bar Tab -- a gift card you can spend on so much booze, law enforcement will toler-hate you.