Absolute Belize Adrenaline Pack

Extreme behavior in serene environments is usually best avoided -- it's why you don't see folks practicing karate in a nursery, or slam dancing at the senior social, or consuming Surge and doing anything. SUUUURRGE!! Making it OK to do extreme things in an otherwise-relaxing tropical paradise is the Adrenaline Pack from Absolute Belize.A new choose-your-own-vacation bureau working the ground of damn-close-to-Eden Belize, AB's highlight is the Adrenaline Pack, giving you eight days to dominate natural wonders like flooded limestone sinkholes and the world's second largest barrier reef while visiting locales like Shark Ray Alley, not to be confused with Shark Ray Allen, who invariably wins at poker only with 3s. You'll start off in a loft-style tree hut outfitted with indoor/outdoor showers overlooking the river, then venture into the rainforest under the direction of local bushmen; romp through the Maya Mountains to rappel down a football field-deep ancient sinkhole; and dive into the cool waters at the cave mouth of Actun Tunichil Muknal, where you'll spelunk amongst Mayan ruins and the skeletal remains of sacrifice victims, proving overdraft fees are not the worst punishment one can suffer at an ATM. The second leg has you puddle-jumping to Ambergris Caye, where you'll spearfish for snapper, lobster, and barracuda before cooking 'em over a fire; diving in the perfectly round 1,000ft-diameter Blue Hole to view the deepest underwater stalactites ever recorded as you swim among nurse sharks; and finishing your trip with a swim amongst stingrays and morays at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which afterward will totally rip on nearby Coast Guard reserves.Your time in the treehouse is all-inclusive, so you can feel free to throw back as many Cave Coladas (not kidding) and Belize-brewed Belikin beers as you like, so long as you don't get too sick and have to PUUUURRRRGE!!!