Cool Airbnbs Near Atlanta To Book This Winter

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Due to the pandemic and all-around insanity of 2020, many of you forwent annual vacations and much-needed getaways. In other words, now is as good a time as any to get the hell out of Atlanta. So we’ve gathered a bunch of great—and private—Airbnbs near Atlanta for you to consider in the coming weeks and months. From hidden intown retreats to insanely creative cabins that you have to hit the road for, these are the best Airbnbs within four hours of Atlanta.

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A Tiny House on Little Road

Canton, Georgia
2 guests, $96 per night
Distance from ATL: 40 minutes
The secret to finding the perfect Airbnb is securing a place that feels like a home away from home, and tiny houses are dedicated to providing visitors with cozy, homey vibes. This beautiful little blue home in North Georgia gives you a comfortable, tucked-away feel without straying too far away from Atlanta. Plus, it’s stationed on Little Road, and the charm of that ongoing pun is enough to warrant a stay there.
What guests say: “The space was loaded with amenities and Lauren’s hospitality made all the difference. She baked some fresh bread for us and left a beautiful note along with a bottle of delicious wine. The sparkling clean house, the firepit, the hammock surrounded by tall trees, and the cozy stay, was a magical and relaxing experience that’d be hard to forget.”

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Converted WWII Train Car

Maryville, Tennessee
4 guests, $152 per night
Distance from ATL: Three hours, 30 minutes
One of the coolest Airbnbs near Atlanta is a remodeled troop train kitchen car from World War II. This train-turned-time capsule is no longer operational, but it does make for an amazing retreat. Complete with an open-plan layout, plank wood flooring, and modern furnishings, the interior is a breathtaking accomplishment in home renovation. A front door patio, sweeping backyard, and fireside common area are all included, making this unique Airbnb the complete package.
What guests say: “What an amazing place. Not only is it a really interesting concept home, in a serene location, but also a beautiful home to stay in. It has just about anything you could need, and the owners are very gracious and kind. The only thing I would have changed is having more time there!”

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Harry Potter Fan’s Dream

Chickamauga, Georgia
4 guests, $120 per night
Distance from ATL: Two hours
While some Airbnb’s opt for unique takes on luxury, others aim to become havens for hardcore fan bases. Easily falling into the latter category, this little guest suite in Chickamauga is an ode to the magical world of Harry Potter. Inspired by Hogwarts and Harry’s cinematic and literary adventures, this Airbnb features a dorm-style sleeping area, a full collection of Harry Potter films to binge, and other fantastical activities hidden throughout the space. If you’ve always known that you’re not like all of those other Muggles, then this is the Airbnb for you.
What guests say: “The moment you pull up, there's already a certain ambiance that makes you feel like you've stepped through Platform 9 3/4! The inside is even more magical and you spend the weekend continuously finding new things that you didn't notice before.”

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Cherry Blossom Yurt on Lookout Mountain

Rising Fawn, Georgia
2 guests, $129 per night
Distance from ATL:
Two hours, 30 minutes
If you’ve yet to experience yurt life, then this pretty little hut-style Airbnb should definitely be on your radar. The yurt is a circular home draped in a cherry-colored exterior that combines easy access to nature and much-needed amenities—like wi-fi and a smart tv—to make for a cozy glamping experience. Whether you want to stargaze or find some natural inspiration for that novel that you’ve been yearning to finally write, this yurt is the nice, peaceful Airbnb that you’ve been searching for.
What guests say: “All the modern conveniences with a unique experience and gorgeous views. Spectacular sunrise when skies are clear.”

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Blake’s on the Creek

Epworth, Georgia
5 guests, $148 per night
Distance from ATL: Two hours
Right at the edge of the north Georgia border along Fightingtown Creek is this pristine cabin, flush in wood paneling and plenty of natural light. Boasting multiple covered porches—including one upstairs that’s only accessible through the master bedroom—and an onsite hot tub, this delightful cabin is an amazing option for a leisurely escape into the woods, a romantic escapade, and everything in between. 
What guests say: “The pictures truly don’t do this beautiful cabin justice! We enjoyed every second of our stay at Blake’s. Between the hot tub, the fire pit and fireplace, and the massive bathtub, we never wanted to leave!”

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Summit Castle

Sevierville, Tennessee
2 guests, $439 per night
Distance from ATL: Four hours
This modern-day castle in Tennessee may be pricey and some hours away from Atlanta, but its six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and long list of amenities make it a perfect Airbnb for families and friend groups. The rustic-style cabin boasts a 10-seat in-home theatre, porch jacuzzi, game room, robust dining area, and bonfire. With it also being a short distance away from Pigeon Forge, this Airbnb is even more for family getaways—regardless of the season.
What guests say: “By far the best Airbnb experience we have ever had. Summit Castle felt like home away from home. The view is indescribable, pictures do not do justice. Summit Castle, the Smokey’s and Mindy’s hospitality were worth every penny!”

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Hobbit Knoll

Asheville, North Carolina
4 guests, $293 per night
Distance from ATL: Three hours, 30 minutes
Joining the Harry Potter-inspired Airbnb as a getaway dedicated to fantastical lore is this Hobbit and Lord of the Rings-inspired home in Asheville. This one takes its inspiration a bit further, however, as it serves as a real-world recreation of the hobbit holes described in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, so—in true hobbit fashion—90% of the Airbnb is literally built into the earth. Huge round doors add to the Hobbit aesthetic, and visitors can also enjoy great views of the Blue Ridge Mountains during their stay. 
What guests say: “This stay offers the feel and coziness you would expect from a stay in Hobbiton, save for the modern amenities included. The view from the living room is spectacular. We spent much of our stay snuggled up on the couch with the fireplace on, taking in the view.”

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The Private Islands of Old House Cay

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
6 guests, $450 per night

Distance from ATL: Four hours
It’s still never too early to start thinking about an island getaway, and this Airbnb easily takes that concept to the next level. Luxury and seclusion come head to head with this private island vacation home, where you can go fishing, boating, kayaking with no interruption. Add in a boat ride to and from the property, and you’ve got a hell of an Airbnb experience waiting for you.
What guests say: “Old House Cay is one of best jewels on the East Coast. House was immaculate and views everywhere you look. Only showered outside! My husband and I felt like we were on an episode of Gilligan’s Island! How many times can a person say they rented a private island?”

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ATL Treehouse

East Point, Georgia
2 guests, $380 per night
Distance from ATL: 15 minutes
You were probably expecting the famous Atlanta treehouse Airbnb that everyone has told you about. While that one is a tried-and-true Airbnb of epic proportions, it’s already booked until March 2022. Therefore, allow us to introduce you to another incredible intown treehouse hiding in East Point. Built around a 400-year-old oak tree, it boasts a semi-outdoor dining area, a cozy bedroom suspended 25 feet in the air, and a gorgeous view of the surrounding pond and gardens. Plus, you don’t have to wait a year or brave a road trip to experience its magic. 
What guests say: “The host created a magical treehouse that is hidden in plain sight. The pictures are perfect but don’t capture the feeling you get after climbing the stairs and opening the doors to this tree house.”

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