Straight razor shaves, billiards & a TV-and-tub-filled locker room

If there's one Bruce Willis movie worth naming a man-pampering spa package after, it's Die Hard. But if there's another, it's The Sixth Sense. But if there's a third, it's gotta be Twelve Monkeys. But, man, if there's a fourth, it's definitely The Whole Nine Yards. Introducing: The Whole Nine Yards at the Borgata, a new man-pampering spa package complete with two hours of non-stop old-school barbershop action in AC's only two-kinds-of-pool-packed dude cave. Prepare to:End your failed mustache experiment: The TWNY package includes a straight razor shave from a legit old-school barber, with an hour of Art of Shaving re-hydrating, toning, and moisturizing essentials hitting your face, before he throws in the (hot) towel.No seriously, end your failed mustache experiment. Oh, and also, get your nails did: The first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club. The 712th rule of Fight Club? Dude, gross, clip your nails! To wit, Borgata'll hook you up with a "Sports Manicure" as part of the deal, complete with cleaning, buffing, and no-polishing.Watch football from a hot tub while playing 8-Ball: Maybe the coolest part of this whole thing, signing up for the package gets you free access to the Borgata men's lounge (which even hotel guests have to pay for). The thing's got a) booze at the outside pool, b) a billiards nook with a sick regulation table, and c) plush football-on-flatscreens-facing chaises in a hot tub-packed locker room. Though remember: it's a whole ten yards for every first down.