Stay the night on Cesar Chavez

Because crashing in a moon bounce shouldn't be your only Cesar Chavez sleeping option, check into Heywood Hotel: a seven-room staycation built into a green 1925 bungalow by a couple of longtime eastsiders whose desire for a diversion from their softwarin' day jobs led to three years of development that was far from soft

They've maximized every inch of their 6000sqft via an impressive, lofted, concrete annex boasting a decidedly modern patio strewn with wicker and flora

Rooms are fleshed out with local rock photography of folks like David Garza, skylit showers, bedframes crafted by the owner, and cocktail-ready wet bars, which, when walked into by a guy, basically just hurt his knee. It's still funny though. And to facilitate neighborhood/downtown exploring, they're also providing a fleet of free-to-use bicycles -- ride cautiously down Cesar, or the pinatas won't be the only thing bashed.