The best hiking gear for Fall

Published On 10/11/2013 Published On 10/11/2013

Ah, the changing of the seasons... foliage turns red and orange, brewers go apesh*t on pumpkin lagers, and girlfriends experience an overwhelming urge to pick apples rather than buy them from the grocery store (which they're more than happy to do the rest of the year). Lucky for you, we've curated a comprehensive gear-guide to ensure that when she tells you to "take a hike", you'll be wholly prepared to do so... in any given climate.

Climate: Mild
This style's mellow and laid-back, and because hiking in Birkenstocks makes about as much sense as Birkenstocks themselves, you'd be wise to outfit yourself with these duds instead. This stuff'll keep you warm and comfortable, with plenty of storage for your Bear Naked Pecan Apple Flax.

Climate: Dry
It's Sunday and the weather's perfect, but your team's on a bye week... so you'll no doubt get roped into an ineluctable nature walk, and you know it. Be thoroughly stocked to get thoroughly rocked, and channel your inner Thoreau... the Walden one... chill on the Civil Disobedience.

Get the look: 1. Of All Threads Cargo Pants 2. The British Belt Company Rucksack 3. Wilouby Stainless Steel Flask 4. Generic Surplus Harrington Hiker

Climate: Cold
When you go for a hike, you're going for a goddamn hike. You're lacing up your badass boots, checking your solar-powered watch to make sure you'll have enough sun, and throwing on the best Fall jacket you've got. You won't sacrifice comfort for functionality, because this is America; you are America. Now go forth, man, and Instagram some leaves (Walden filter, #foliage).



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