One Saturday. Eight breweries... and one distillery!

A line of beer taps

With breweries popping up around the city like delicious, booze-filled daisies, it's about time that somebody put together one crawl to rule them all. And so we have. Be a weekend warrior and see if you can check off all of the stops in a single Saturday.

Stop One: Start in the West Loop at Haymarket Pub and Brewery, where the staff customizes their tours based on your interests, unless you’re just interested in the waitresses. Owner Pete Crowley pumps classical music in the fermentation tanks to soothe the yeast. No word on whether the yeast comes out with a higher IQ

Stop Two: Move North up to Goose Island in Lincoln Park. They may have sold their soul to Anheuser-Busch, but there's still plenty of fine brews to be had. Aside from a deep selection of suds for the tasting, there's a video that shows their spent grains being used to fatten the same pigs whose porcine byproducts grace their brewpub's menu

Stop Three: Before leaving the neighborhood, be sure to hoof it Northward to Atlas Brewing Company. The small-batch brewery is named for a Chicago brewery that opened in 1896 and closed after Prohibition. Toast to righting historical wrongs

Stop Four: Go West, young man, via the Fullerton bus, to get to Revolution Brewing (that'd be the brewpub). Try to score something from the Deep Wood barrel-aged series

Stop Five: Just one stop down on the Blue line you’ll find Piece Brewery and Pizzeria, the tastiest stop on the crawl. Pizza and beer are the Adam and Eve of party necessities, so it's only fitting after checking out their brew tanks to sop up some suds with a little New Haven-style thin-crust pie in the very same place where Eddie Vedder does live-band karaoke. If you’re still “Alive” (!) after this stop, then it's on to

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