Lodging that smells of rich mahogany, because that's what the walls are made of

Originally built in 1927, Talbott's a boutique Gold Coast relic on Delaware Place that juxtaposes antiquated decor with modern technology.The interior lobby boasts a working fireplace, rich leather loveseats, and Persian rugs, just like your living room, because you're clearly all classy and rich.Their standard guestroom resembles other hotels' "suites", and'll set you up with an ottoman that you definitely shouldn't introduce to that Persian rug.If their regular rooms are like suites, then their suites are like whatever's much bigger and more luxurious than a suite, loaded with mahogany desks, tables, and not one but two lamps!Extravagance doesn't love company as much as misery, but it's more affordable that way, so book a double and bring a bud. Conversely, book a double and combine the beds to form a super-bed.When you get hungry -- and you will get hungry -- grab a seat at Little Market Brasserie and get mad fat on short rib cognac poutine and a tight selection of brews, vino, and specialty cocktails. Cheers!photos:TalbottHotel