Six rooms, 148 whiskeys

Known for their ever-changing menu, farm-to-table ethos, and comprehensive collection of whiskeys, L&E is the quintessential restobartel (restaurant + bar + hotel), but with only eight rooms, lodging is limited.The minimalist, nature-heavy decor runs through each of the rooms. Note the wooden headboard.Out back you'll find Longman's patio, which, naturally, features more wood and flora.Tasty dishes include pork belly with pumpkin risotto, apple, chestnuts, sage, and soy caramel.The bar program has been meticulously researched & curated, resulting in a lofty list of whiskeys (148 to be exact) including 38 bottles that'll floor you with $3 shots, as well as a few that, at $55 a pour, will only floor your jaw.Oh snap, it's those plants again!You know what they say: people who bathe in glass showers shouldn't throw whiskey stones. You've never heard that? People definitely say that. After your journey through whiskey flights and pork belly, this is kind of an obvious