John Wilkes Booth would love it here

More influential and luckier with the lady-hotels than the Hotel Buchanan, Hotel Lincoln sits directly next to Lincoln Park (shocker!) and offers 184 handsome rooms that look like they were designed for a Wes Anderson flick. A meandering park trail will guide you right up to the 12-story building, which protrudes into the skyline like a finely tailored stovepipe hat. If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up, Elaine's Coffee Call will quell your caffeine cravings via freshly-made Joe, and sate your appetite with...a kinda-old-but-still-ok cup of Joe! No, just kidding, they have pastries. A standard guestroom looks like this, with four completely necessary lamps, a flatscreen, and a small workstation. Suites are similar to standard rooms, except they have additional space in the form of a living room, and, y'know...cost more. But just imagine the fun you could have in this living room! If awesome views of parks, lakes, and cities are your thing, then you have a very cool thing! Also, you'll want to check out the rooftop, dubbed the J. Parker. Of course, the J. Buchanon was a close second, but that had some people whiging out. Zing! Suck it, Buchanan! photos:HotelLincoln