Meet Jerome. He's crazy, and he knows Keanu Reeves.

Cayman Airways now offers direct flights from Dallas to the islands, which means you should go, then get right back up in the air with Crazy Jerome: a Frenchman of dubious sanity who, before founding Cayman Islands Helicopters, used to do Hollywood stunt flying for movies like Speed and The Jackal, where his biggest challenge was not blowing off Bruce Willis's rug.Taken in the island's only non-police chopper, Crazy Jerome's tours are intended to showcase the Caymans' natural beauty, spotlight celebrity abodes, and scare the living crap out of tourists through the kinds of maneuvers that convinced Keanu Reeves to quit acting. To give you a sense of the wonder/terror, we snapped as many pics as our trembling hands would allow -- just enjoy them, and we promise there won't be a pop quiz, hotshot.