Opulence meets artillery

A combo of hotels and heavy machine guns not seen since the Hanoi Hilton, The Sebastian at Vail's just introduced The G.I. Package: three ultra-swank nights in a Deluxe Plaza room club-sandwiching the meat that is a day spent at an outdoor, full-auto-ready Gypsum shooting range under the tutelage of ex-military & ex-police.The outfit's owner estimates "90% of our customers have never fired a gun", so don't be intimidated (or, if you're one of the 10% who has, mercilessly mock those ineffectual wusses) while choosing your five weapons from a stockpile of over 60, covering the entire range of ones you know about from Goldeneye/Call of Duty, including pistols (Desert Eagle!), shotguns, and spray-ready M16s, Uzis, and SAWs. If you'd prefer your instruments of death be preselected for you, choose from radly themed multi-gun packages like "80s Action Hero" (.44 Magnum, Full Auto Glock 18, MP5, M-60...), the Tommy Gun-equipped "Gangster Tour Package", and the Sig P226/ AK-47/ belt-fed SAW "Gamer's Fantasy" -- "get some!", indeed.And, just in case you owned Goldeneye stock and thus have tens of thousands of dollars to spare, they'll even take you up in a Huey and let you fire an M60 out the side door, something those guests in Hanoi wish had been left unlocked.