Get a private car to pick you up at the click of a button... errr... screen

Like the People Mover, except not the worst thing ever of all time, Uber's an on-demand, app-powered car service that operates in a convenient loop around the downtown area! pretty much anywhere in metro Detroit.Started in SF by an IT guy who hated hailing cabs (good luck even calling one here, bud), Uber uses a fleet of private cars to ferry you around town at the swipe of a screen. Just drop in your location to receive an estimated pick-up time, and then you can either track the GPS-equipped car moving on your screen in real time, or continue playing Battletoads and just wait for an "I'm outside" text from the driver.Slightly bigger than the car pictured in your app, your Uber will be something along the lines of a Town Car or Escalade.This is Jamie, one of their gentleman drivers, holding the door for Elena (hello!) -- another recent SF transplant.Today's destination? Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck.Kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, pierogi, kraut, and mashed potatoes make up a power platter that'll soon call for a power nap.Speaking of calls, jumping to the next spot is as easy as requesting another car & getting a final round, since driving & being productive are of no concern to the rest of your day/night.Spend all your cash at Polish Village? No worries: Uber simply bills the credit card on your account (tip included!) based on the time/distance of your ride, meaning there's no fumbling for your wallet, or those pesky People Mover tokens.