The 8 Best Immersive Art Experiences in Las Vegas

Enter the mind of the artist with the most out-of-this-world art experiences in Sin City.

Photo courtesy of Illuminarium Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of Illuminarium Las Vegas

It’s no surprise that immersive art has taken hold in Sin City. As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is the perfect place to push the boundaries of art, technology, and theatricality. After all, Sin City is its own version of a surreal alternate reality.

AREA15, which is home to 14 different augmented reality experiences, may have sparked this trend when it opened in 2020, and it’s only become more widespread since. Whether it’s an exploration of current environmental issues or far-away worlds, each of these eight immersive art experiences will shift your perception of reality and allow you to absorb art in a new modern way. From shows and exhibitions to museums on and off the Strip, these are places where you can “turn on, tune in, and drop out,” no drugs required.

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Arcadia Earth Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of Arcadia Earth

Experience the planet like never before at Arcadia Earth, the first immersive augmented reality journey through Earth. With a unique combination of art installations, projection mapping, scent technology, and robots, you’ll explore Earth through your own personal lens, uncovering not only the beauty and wonder of our planet but also how we can have an impact on its future.

Designed by experiential artist Valentino Vettori, Arcadia Earth transports you to the heart of global challenges such as melting ice caps, loss of biodiversity, and plastic waste. But rather than shame you, the exhibits inspire you to take action. Leading by example, a tree is planted for every ticket sold, and proceeds support Arcadia Earth’s educational and charity partner, Oceanic Global.
Cost: $39 GA; $31 for seniors, students, veterans, and active military with ID; 20% discount for Nevada residents with the code NVRES.

Particle Ink
Photo courtesy of Maisato

Arts District
Located at The LightHouse in the Arts District, Particle Ink is a mind-bending, mixed reality installation that brings you through a portal into the 2.5th dimension. What is this dimension, you ask? It is a place where the virtual world blends into the physical world, the liminal space between waking and sleeping.

You’ll step inside an abandoned warehouse to enter this portal, and soon find yourself within the pages of a living graphic novel, a world created with ink and paper. Whimsical illustrations leap from the walls to foretell events that will forever change the life of the graphic novel’s artist and his wife. With a lively blend of puppetry, acrobatics, street art, and hip hop dance, you’re free to roam the space as performances unfold around you.

Off Strip
Next door to Museum Fiasco, Wink World is the brainchild of Chris Wink, a co-founder of the Blue Man Group. It describes itself as a psychedelic art house meets carnival funhouse, which seems fitting. This multisensory art experience consists of six mirrored infinity rooms, each with a strobe light show and dubstep music playing in the background, the reflective landscape seeming to go on forever.

These exhibits are separate but interlocking, all exploring Wink’s fascination with the notion of infinity. Whether it’s tiny aliens attached to the bottom of Slinkies or Hoberman spheres on display, they all add to the exhibit’s appeal. When you first walk in, you’ll tour artist Alex Aliume’s 3D paintings, best viewed with the supplied 3D glasses.
Cost: $18 GA; $14 children / locals / seniors / active military

Photo courtesy of Perception

Resorts World
The newest addition to Vegas’ immersive art scene, Perception is just steps from Resorts World. This 17,000-square-foot digital art museum (the first in the city) invites you to immerse yourself in the lives and works of the most celebrated artists throughout history. It opened in June, and the current exhibit is Leonardo the Universal Man.

Prepare to be transported into the genius mind of Leonardo da Vinci in Renaissance Italy, as daunting as that may sound. But first, you’ll be greeted by the “Mona Lisa,” who seems to come alive right before your eyes. Then you’ll experience “The Last Supper” in a way that is quintessentially Vegas. As you enter the third and final room, you’ll take flight with da Vinci’s ornithopter flying machine and float through Tuscany on a parachute.
Cost: $34.50 GA, plus discounts for seniors, military, and Vegas locals.

Off Strip
You may have already heard about Omega Mart, a massive corporate grocery store art installation that was created by Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf and is one of the biggest draws at AREA15. Browse the shelves and encounter such oddities as lemon-lavender canned beverages labeled as “Gender Fluid,” nut-free salted peanuts, and patriotic steaks positioned behind a meat counter. The best part? Everything’s for sale.

But that’s just the opening act—hidden doorways and secret portals lead to other environments (60 in all) to explore. From an abandoned village to a jumble of serpentine slides, Omega Mart is more than a bunch of psychedelic experiences. There’s also a storyline which focuses on a mythical energy called The Source. You’re invited to follow along and look for clues that are hidden within the exhibits.
Cost: $59 GA; $50 for children, seniors, and military.

Immersive Van Gogh
Photo by Denise Truscell, courtesy of Immersive Van Gogh

The Shops at Crystals
Not to be confused with Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience at AREA15 (which itself is worth a visit), you’ll find Immersive Van Gogh at The Shops at Crystals adjacent to ARIA Resort & Casino. Created by Italian video artist Massimiliano Siccardi, the exhibit partnered with Emmy award-winning set designer David Korins, who recreated Van Gogh’s highly emotive art on a grand scale. It opened last year and Las Vegas is now one of 22 cities that hosts this exhibition.

Step inside Vincent Van Gogh’s most iconic paintings as they come to life. While you’re there, use an AI tool to write a letter to the artist, and receive a personalized one in return. Visit the Pocket Gallery, and the Lighthouse Immersive app will transform vibrant colors into paintings, all on the screen of your phone.
Cost: $49 GA

Photo courtesy of Illuminarium Las Vegas

Off Strip
Another one of AREA15’s offerings, Illuminarium fully immerses you in the world’s most extraordinary experiences, placing you in the center of the narrative that is unfolding around you. “SPACE: A Journey to the Moon & Beyond,” is a celestial experience like none other, one that defies explanation. But you can sure try: you’ll walk on the moon, weave your way through an asteroid belt, and fly through a nebula. As Buzz Lightyear put it, “To infinity and beyond!”

Visit after 8 pm Sunday through Thursday, and you’ll experience a new dimension—the adults-only SPACE After Dark, where you can sip cocktails on the moon or champagne in the cosmos while a live DJ spins tunes. On Fridays and Saturdays, dance all night at the Ultra Lounge, where the immersive settings are constantly changing.
Cost: SPACE standard experience is $24; SPACE After Dark is $29; the Ultra Lounge is $20.

Off Strip
Opened in November 2020 as the first Kunsthalle-style museum in Las Vegas, Museum Fiasco has rotating exhibits that use immersive sound, fog, and lighting (or lack thereof) to distort perception by playing with time and space. Its current exhibit is Cluster, which is composed of three chapters: Kernal, Railwave, and Stellar, and will appeal to any alien enthusiast. The light show lasts exactly 12 minutes, envisioning and inviting you to explore AREA15 as a spacecraft to an alien world.

Created by Playmodes Studio, the show is perhaps best described as a psychic journey of abstract geometry. They have essentially transformed a 5,000-square-foot mirror box into a vessel for the language of sound waves, vibrations, and oscillations. Within that room you’ll ride a train going nowhere and everywhere at the same time, and take a journey through the interstellar world before landing back on Earth.
Cost: $18 GA plus $2 to rent 3D glasses.

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