Where to Buy Legal Weed in Las Vegas (Plus Some Tips Before You Go)

Smoke in style in Sin City.

Editor’s note: The operating hours for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services have changed due to COVID. We have done our best to update accordingly, but as with anything in these times, it’s best to confirm hours and services in advance.

With more and more states legalizing —currently at 20 with medical only, 15 plus the District of Columbia with medical and recreational—Nevada's legal weed laws might not be your only draw to Las Vegas, but if you’re visiting and are a cannabis connoisseur, know that your experience here will be unique to Sin City. Our dispensaries are numerous, sometimes pricey, and often extravagant. Here are a few things to know before you go, especially if you’re from out of state or popping your dispensary cherry.

Medical vs. recreational: Out-of-state medical cards are accepted in Nevada, which typically means cheaper bud and faster service (just bring all your paperwork). Some places are recreational only, though, and our list below highlights the best recreational picks. Online dispensary menus tend to not to be up-to-date with current inventory, so if there is something very specific you want, you may want to give them a call first.
You can get delivery, but take heed: online ordering and delivery is available for most places, but only a few are 24/7. This is mostly a cash-only business, though some places will take bank cards and most have ATMs on-site. Think of dispensaries like the strip joints that many of these places are close to—dancers don’t take plastic! For delivery, you must have exact change in cash (though tips are encouraged), and also be aware that you can’t order Mary Jane right up to your room, as it’s illegal to deliver to hotel resort-casinos. You’re also not supposed to smoke it in your room or anywhere in public, but that rule has gone up in the cloud of pot smoke that now hovers perpetually over the Las Vegas Valley.
Look for ways to save: Lots of places offer freebies and special discounts for first-timers as well as customer loyalty programs and different daily deals. If you’re new to cannabis, every dispensary is staffed with friendly budtenders to help you navigate your way to living your best high. As a general rule, the closer you are to the Strip, the more expensive the weed is—just like with everything else on or near the Strip, you are paying the Vegas tourist tax. Also be aware of additional taxes, as very few places include the 10% sales tax in their sticker price.    
A few more friendly tips for visitors: Many dispensaries are located on “Stripper Row,” an industrial road full of warehouses and the like but also full of strip clubs and, now, dispensaries. Some of the most Vegas-y dispensaries (Planet 13, Reef) are located in this area in very near proximity to some of Vegas’ best gentlemen’s clubs (The Rhino, Sapphire). Staying at Circus Circus or the STRAT puts you very close to all of these things, and they’re also the best values on the Strip (and both have newly remodeled rooms!). And now your Sin City weekend is planned, you’re welcome.

Planet 13 Las Vegas

Off the Strip
Nowhere does the Vegas dispensary experience better than Planet 13, a place that's sort of a cross between a Vegas nightclub and Vegas dispensary. Their long-term plans are ambitious (and will require some additional changes in local legal weed legislation), but for now, this self-described "cannabis superstore and entertainment complex" is aiming for an otherworldly vibe with glowing overhead orbs, light-up LED floors, 3D wall projections, and a big black angular rock-looking thing in the 16,500-square-foot sales floor and showroom area; a massive "planet" fountain out front that's reminiscent of the Universal Studios globe fountain; and 13 15-foot-tall interactive LED lotus flowers on the building's roof. Like all the very best places in Vegas, this place is designed to entertain you as much as sell you things, and they also bring the celebrity cachet: In 2019, Planet 13 exclusively launched boxing legend Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand Tyson Ranch, grown by cultivators with cult followings (Tyson Ranch products are carried at a number of dispensaries throughout Nevada and California now, but are still a highlight at Planet 13). They also feature exclusive products and launches and have a text rewards program for daily deals, as well as a 20% discount for locals.

Reef Dispensaries

Off the Strip
Reef Dispensaries, with several locations throughout Nevada and Arizona, is owned by rapper and budtrepreneur Berner. Their flagship store is the one near the Strip (and next to Planet 13, as luck has it), which kind of looks like an ultralounge-meets-Apple store. Actually, most dispensaries look like this. Reef is both retailer and grower, and they feature their own exclusive Berner's Exotikz line and rapper and cannabis advocate Wiz Khalifa's Khalifa Kush products.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

Arts District, Northwest Las Vegas (Paiute territory)
NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is the only tribal-owned dispensary in Las Vegas. The massive marketplace in North Las Vegas (located on Paiute-controlled land) is over 16,000 square feet with 170 feet of display counters and is touted as the largest marijuana dispensary in the world—which, if that’s counting exclusive weed-selling space (Planet 13 is 170,000 square feet, but only a fraction of that is dedicated to sales floor space), may be accurate. Either way, Vegas is home to the world’s largest dispensary! They also boast the largest selection in Las Vegas, with over 900 products from more than 150 brands. NuWu is also home to Las Vegas’s only dispensary drive-thru, and both locations are (still) open 24 hours. And since this is tribal property, you don’t have to pay Nevada’s 10% sales tax on cannabis products. In non-COVID times, we could also add “home to the only legal cannabis consumption room in Las Vegas” to NuWu’s list of onlys, but because these are COVID times, the consumption room is currently closed.


Henderson and Westside
With two locations in the Las Vegas Valley and one in Reno, The+Source offers more than 30 different strains of cannabis and a variety of concentrates, edibles, and more. They're also known for their top-notch customer service, "higher education" informative seminars, and great customer rewards program. They celebrated their fifth anniversary in December 2020, and over the years have continued to prioritize medical patients and support community education and local nonprofit partners. This year alone, The+Source has donated more than $10,000 to local nonprofits, including the Ink Ribbon Foundation, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, and Forgotten Not Gone.

Nevada Wellness Center

S. Valley View
Nevada Wellness Center is one of the few—if not outright only—Black-owned dispensaries in Las Vegas. Owners Andre Rhodes, Luther Mack, and Frank Hawkins (a former president of the Las Vegas chapter of the NAACP) are committed to giving back to the Las Vegas community through community outreach and education programs as well as their “Each one, reach one, teach one” program: for every exit bag donated by customers, NWC will donate one can of food and co-owner Hawkins will match each donation. This program is designed to help local senior developments, veterans, youth community centers, and low-income seniors and families. NWC is one of the few dispensaries currently still operating 24/7 for delivery, pick-up, and in-store services. Locals also receive a 20% discount daily.

Essence Cannabis Dispensaries

North Strip, Henderson, and Tropicana West
Essence has five locations around Las Vegas (plus two in Cali), and is the only dispensary to have a location that's actually on the Strip. Do keep in mind though, that "on the Strip” doesn’t mean it's sandwiched between Park MGM and New York New York—it's waaaaay North Strip by the Sahara and the STRAT. Inside, the multiple-award-winning stores are super-sleek, and they offer a wide selection of products including over 50 strains of flower and pre-rolls, edibles (cookies, chocolates, gummies, infused-drinks), vape pens, concentrates, and topicals. Check out their daily deals and discounts calendar and sign up for text alerts to save some green.

Sahara Wellness 

East Sahara
Located at 420 E. Sahara—really—Sahara Wellness is the only all-women-owned dispensary in Las Vegas. They really do focus on the “wellness” aspect of cannabis here, with a warm, inviting environment adorned in wood with stone accents and a “water wall.” The warm earth tones and tranquil artwork make it feel like more of a spa than a dispensary, and the service aims to bring a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. There are plenty of places to shop if you’re just trying to get high, but Sahara Wellness tries to be a place for healing, and their reputation within the medical marijuana community is exceptional.

Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary

North Strip
Close to the Strip and the Las Vegas Convention Center, ReLeaf shirks the stylish tech showroom look popular with most dispensaries for more of a trendy lounge/bar feel, and they proudly proclaim to have the world's first and only "tasting bar" inside a dispensary. Customers can try Two Roots, the world's first cannabeer (a THC- and CBD-infused non-alcoholic beer), in addition to a wide range of flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, extracts, tinctures, and topicals. Also, ReLeaf has some of the best prices and deals you're going to find in Vegas, especially this close to the Strip. If you're one of those types who guns for the "authentic local" experience when you travel, this is the place to go.

The Apothecary Shoppe

Across from the Palms Casino
This olde world-y upscale dispensary—you can tell it's olde world-y and upscale because of the extra "pe" at the end of "Shop," and also because it looks like the retail side of a fancy cigar lounge—is especially known for its gourmet edible confections made by an executive pastry chef with over a decade of experience in some of the most renowned restaurants on the Strip. Order a custom cannabis-infused cake for your celebration, or choose from a selection of chocolate bars, Rice Krispies treats, gummies, and other sweets and seasonal treats. Founded by three medical practitioners, the Apothecary Shoppe oversees their own "craft cannabis" grow operation as well as the development of their exclusive line of premium topicals and remedies. They also offer THC and CBD capsules, if you’re looking to consume discreetly.

The Apothecarium

With chandeliers hanging overhead, the Apothecarium looks more like a fancy hotel lobby than a dispensary, which is fitting since it's located out in the fancy western suburbs of Las Vegas. They've got your flowers, topicals, concentrates, and all kinds of edible treats, and, in normal non-COVID times that cannot return soon enough, they also host a number of in-store events including visits from growers, member support groups, and educational classes. You'll deal with one knowledgeable "cannabis guide" through your entire transaction, rather than being jostled around to different lines and different people.

Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary

If Planet 13 embodies the over-the-top entertainment side of the Las Vegas dispensary, Jardin embraces the image-conscious side of Vegas (which can make Los Angeles seem downright well-adjusted). You'll be forgiven for confusing their Instagram account for that of a fitness model or influencer; it's honestly hard to tell. You are either into the aesthetic or you are not. If you want the full Vegas experience of feeling like you're living in a music video, this is for you. But if you care more about the products cultivated rather than the image cultivated, you’re also in luck: Jardin is one of only three dispensaries in Las Vegas that carries products from local cultivator GFIVE Cultivation, Las Vegas’s first Black family-owned and operated lifestyle brand specializing in ethically grown, premium grade cannabis.

The Grove

Near McCarran International Airport and Pahrump
Welcome to Las Vegas! Now go get you some weed. The Grove is right by the airport, making it a convenient first stop for all you weekend warriors, plus it's open 24 hours daily! The Grove is a grow operation overseen by a master grower in addition to a dispensary with locations in Las Vegas as well as Pahrump (basically your last stop for legal weed before Death Valley), and they take pride in their premium strains. Try Kannabis, their proprietary flower.

Top Notch

The Top Notch dispensary is very much a neighborhood dispensary catering pretty much exclusively to locals—tourists are extremely unlikely to stumble upon this place or seek it out in lieu of any of the dozens of bigger, flashier dispensaries closer to the tourist areas. But Top Notch has something that no other dispensary in Las Vegas currently has: products from Las Vegas’s own Zion Gardens, a cultivation operation located in North Las Vegas led by Aaron McCrary, the first Black master grower in the state of Nevada. McCrary is also passionate about creating opportunities for POC, women, people with disabilities, and others who might otherwise be excluded from the exploding cannabis industry. By purchasing his product, you’re also supporting his efforts to promote equity and access in the growing industry.

Oasis Cannabis

Stripper Row
Oasis is your friendly neighborhood dispensary. Much like most of the other spots, they've got a sleek showroom and a nice selection, they're located on Stripper Row, and they’ve maintained hours relatively close to 24/7 in these COVID times (7 am–2:30 am daily). But they've also got a great rewards program, daily deals, and better prices than most of their competitors. It's not the flashiest choice, but it is one of the most hospitable.

The Dispensary

Southwest, Henderson
The Dispensary is a locals' joint for local joints. They’ve got some of the lowest prices with a ton of great specials on top of it. There are two locations in the Las Vegas area (plus one in Reno) and while these are certainly smaller stores than some of the flashier competition, they're able to focus all the more on their customer service. If you care more about quality service and good prices than curb appeal, check this place out.

Acres Cannabis

15 minute walk from Palace Station
Acres Cannabis is Vegas's farm-to-bong cultivator and dispensary. Their cultivation operation spans over 37 acres in the Mojave Desert and produces more than 60 strains of cannabis throughout the year. With their own 2,000-square-foot "cannabis kitchen" with an open view to customers, you can actually watch them make gourmet chocolates and pastries including cookies, donuts, chocolate-covered popcorn and pretzels, brownies, and candies fresh daily, and also watch their cannabis extraction operations. Every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm to 7 am, Acres presents The Underground: Marijuana Farmers Market, allowing small growers and producers a space to share their creations directly with their customers. It's a farmer's market for pot. As a brand, Acres leans into the hip-hop culture side of cannabis, with music and murals to complement their edgier, more youthful vibe—where other places aim for the iWeed feel. 

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Nicole Rupersburg is a Thrillist contributor.