A boutique hotel with five-bedroom suites and in-room sushi chefs

You can always count on Vegas hotels for their plethora of awesome in-room services, from same-day dry cleaning, to professional massages, to "professional massages". For a new Vegas boutique with maybe the awesomest of awesome in-room services -- a personal sushi chef -- check out Nobu Hotel.

The first-ever sleeping quarters from high-end, international house of sushi Nobu (26 locations on five continents), this 181-room-er's adjoined to Caesars and features 18 suites, iPad check-ins, and tons of Japanese touches (yes, please?), from dramatic wood-tiled floors, to origami-inspired fixtures, to zen-garden-y hallways. Oh, and there's a Nobu. Obvi. Here's a peek

Where you'll eat: At the largest Nobu in the world, which marries an acid-tripping, 327-seat Japanese interior (w/ bowed columns of bamboo, patterned private dining pods, and the largest overhead paper lanterns you've ever seen) with an all-day menu featuring must-haves from yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno to tempura of rock shrimp, probably named so in honor of Prince 'cause you can Pop Life 'em right into your mouth

Just kidding, where you'll actually eat: In your FIVE-BEDROOM suite, which comes with two amaze-balls dining options (plus a curated mini-bar with signature Nobu sake & Japanese beer). You can either 1) order from an in-room Nobu dining menu not available anywhere else in the world and loaded with hard-to-believe bento boxes like a breakfast one with green tea waffles & braised short ribs, and a dinner one w/ lobster wasabi & Wagyu steak, or 2) eat at a one-of-a-kind sushi counter in your living room manned by an in-room sushi chef from Nobu, so you don't have to hire a "masseuse" if you like it raw.