Oh this? It's just the new best room in Vegas.

MGM's Skyline Terrace Suite features two levels' worth of high roller accommodations, with half of the 1300sqft of penthouse real estate comprising an outdoor patio so breathtaking you'll be like "Dude... I can't breathe... this thing is taking all of my breath". Need a floor-by-floor-by-terrace breakdown? Yes, yes you do:The Downstairs: The sheer number of different chairs here would seriously upset/intrigue Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd -- in the living room alone there's a five-piece, L-shaped sectional and four Mayan wood-carved ass-resters, and that doesn't even take into account the mustache-shaped lounger and Tetris-shaped couches in the dining room. Beyond chairs, there're two-story vaulted ceilings, a personal bar/kitchenette, a massive tv, and a bathroom for the guests you don't want stinking up...The Upstairs: Sleep like a king monarch chairman of the executive council president on a presidential pillow-top mattress, then check out the master bath, which's packed with an over-sized whirlpool tub, his-and-her sinks (!!), and a separate shower, or what every dude in prison ever asks Santa for.The Terrace: You can see, like, the entire Strip from here, either from another one of those mustache couches near two tree-stump coffee tables, the six-seat dining table, or the sheer-curtained mini living room, which's so awe-inspiring you'll be all, "Man, I'm so inspired... by all of this awe".photos:MGMGrand