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Everyone knows vacations don't make you money -- if that weren't true, then why is Chevy Chase is cashing checks playing second fiddle to Joel McHale? Make your vacation pay you, with Lifestyle Assets

From some successful real estate vets, LA's a new fractional ownership operation offering seven years of access to a dozen multimillion dollar pads, after which the properties're sold and profits are divested amongst members, hopefully providing you the funds to live the ultimate dream: owning a vacation house you don't have to share. After making an upfront one-time capital investment, users can join either the Eastern or Western regional packages, each stuffed with 12 luxury homes that average $2.5mil in value; reservations are booked using a hybrid first-come first-served/credit system (i.e., prime weeks/bigger homes require more credits), with every member assured of eight weeks of vacation per year, because hey, isn't everyone French? Homes are picked for ease of travel, variety, seasonality, and long-term investment value, and currently include a be-pooled 5 bed/5 bath oceanfront joint in the DR's Cap Cana resort, and a 7000sqft rustic Deer Valley lodge whose outdoor hot tub boasts mountain views that'll "make you wish you never had to leave", but of course, you will, because there's a dude at the door with his family

Given they have only four properties up and running at launch, they've set up a "Founding Offer" that provides access to sites in both regional packages as they're procured, plus a bigger cut of the profits, which Chevy Chase probably wishes he had gotten so he hadn't run into all that trouble with Cops and Robbersons.