Modern lodging that'll turn you into a caveman

Cornwall: it's the best place to get a pasty, and the best place to get less pasty, making it perfect for "glamping", i.e. camping without the hassle of Mother Nature. For the most reasonably priced, thoroughly modern of Cornwall options, check in to Atlantic Surf Pods, whose cave-like capsules are camouflaged into the landscape via Hobbit-like green coverings, all sandwiched between 26 acres of farmland and five beaches.Underfloor heated and "insulated to a high degree", each pod's a roomy 20sq meters, with its own memory-foam King (the throne is thankfully en-suite), solar & LED lighting, and a sheltered deck with an outdoor dining setup and gas BBQ. The pods are open year-round. Apart from surfing, they're a great base for local activities like mountain biking & boarding (that's right: snowboarding with wheels, but without snow), golf, "coasteering" (combines climbing, swimming & caving), and zorbing, a sport that involves rolling down a hill in a ball, no doubt invented by someone addicted to another kind of capsule.