The most gadget-packet hotel, ever

Published On 08/10/2011 Published On 08/10/2011
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1. The Eccleston Square Hotel 37 Eccleston Square, London, SW1V 1PB

Just opened in Belgravia, the rooms at the "most advanced hotel in London" each boast fully filtered air, an iPad 2 connecting you to everything from room service to a Boris bike, a huge 3D plasma/Blu-ray, and £12k worth of Swedish Hästens beds with in-built massage facility that syncs up with the intensity of the sounds emanating from the stereo or TV. Meanwhile, the bathrooms incorporate TVs into their heated, steam-proof mirrors, and are decked in smart glass that turns opaque at your touch -- though if it were really smart, it'd extort £50 from you to keep it from going clear every time you tried to let off a little steam of your own.