Affordable accommodations for the outdoorsman. Plus a 22in hot dog.

If you're looking to crash in LA for a few days, but aren't really into the shopping, clubs, or Moby's architecture tours, check out Sportsmen's Lodge: a quiet retreat nestled right on the edge of the San Fernando Valley, putting you near to Studio City and the outdoor activity wonderland that is the Trout Lakes.The lobby'll give you a sense of the casual vibe they've cultivated, with plain couches and not-at-all-attention-grabbing plants growing in the sunlight. Round the corner to discover the lobby, which boasts a fireplace, and furnishings from bespoke chairs to a custom-carved wooden table.Each room comes equipped with complimentary WiFi, plush duvet bedding, and an extended balcony that overlooks an Olympic-sizepool and its bar, where Olympic Belgian cyclist Gijs van Hoeke should not visit.Why opt for the Double Queen? Maybe you're mad cool and all you bros want to go to LA with you. Or because you're married and really into 1920s conservative ideologies. Either way: unlimited balcony access!If you get hungry, check the Patio Cafe, which doles out comfort-foodstuffs like country fried steak, the triple-decker Sportsmen's Club, and a specialty King Kong Hot Dog: a one-pound, 22-inch beef tube served up on a French Roll. Hot dog, indeed.