Make the final hours of summer last by being as close to the sun as possible.

Who cares what month it is? Rooftop pools are less about swimming than they are about parties. Michael Phelps might not be able to break any records at these impressive topside swimming holes, but they’re pretty enough to trick your mind into thinking it’s still the season of flip flops and baseball games that don’t matter

Jimmy at the James Hotel - New York, NYIt’s the pool top where James Franco and Ryan Reynolds spend quality time away from mirrors, but oddly close to the reflective surface of the water. Fill up on Grilled Cheese Sliders and Lobster Dumplings, wait an hour, and then dip your toe in one of the nicest, largest bird baths in NYC. (Photo: Jimmy Soho

The Colonnade - Boston, MAOutdoor concerts are made even better when you launch them into the sky. Besides having a kickass roof pool, The Colonnade is also home to poolside concerts. Ed Sheeran is currently performing tonight but if you’re not a fan, you can always just go and be the guy who actually swims at a nighttime pool party. (Don’t be that guy.) (Photo: Flickr

The London - West Hollywood, CATen stories above the Sunset Strip, where even the birds have screenplays to shop around, you can relax at the London’s eye-droppingly beautiful pool. Marble fire pits and LCD-equipped cabanas deck out the 3,800 sq. ft deck and the only thing that’s missing is a laundry basket filled with water noodles and water wings. Every pool has that, right? (Photo: The London)

The Standard Hotel Downtown - Los Angeles, CAThe Standard Hotel is not only home to a gorgeous rooftop pool that would make even Signs aliens take a dip, the pool is accompanied by bathing suit dispensing vending machines. During the summer it’s host to the Swimming With Sharks events where your ears are serenaded by beats from Chris Holmes, DJ Rockwell, Cosmic Dan, Matt Goldman, and other guys who sound vaguely familiar, while your eyes pretend not to notice the celebs...and that bathing suit dispensing machine. #TheFutureIsNow! (Photo: The Standard Hotel

The Joule - Dallas, TXAfraid of heights? Afraid of heights and drowning? Afraid of heights, drowning, and cabanas? You have issues, and you should stay away from Joule Poule. The unique pool, designed by Adam D. Tihany, hangs over the edge of the hotel, giving swimmers a peek through the plexiglass wall down to Texas below. (Photo: