West Hollywood hospitality like you've never seen

Straddling the border of Hollywood/ West Hollywood/ Beverly Hills, FD's modern-rustic accommodations are more reminiscent of a polished barnyard loft than a swank LA hotel, and come with the comforts of an outdoor pool, food from adjacent resto Tart, and an open air picnic area where you can eat aforementioned food and prove to the public that while you may stay in barns, you weren't raised in one.The rooms are comfortable but not overly refined, as evidenced by TVs that are not flatscreen (they still exist!). The pool's a popular spot for guests to hang out and socialize. It's also a popular spot for watering cans to hang out and be watering cans. The building looks like it experimented with Cubism in college before settling down with post-modern, and maybe dropped out of hotel school to pursue less traditional forms of hospitality, man.In the evenings the courtyard becomes aglow with deck lighting, and features a plenty of places to recline whilst ordering food, sipping drinks.And here's that Tart we mentioned, which plates three meals a day and boasts highlights like the Tart Burger (Angus patty, caramelized onions, and spicy mayo served on a toasted bun), plus suds from Ballast Point and Lagunitas, necessary if you want to sleep with the farmer's daughter and not just at one.