Chicago wants you inside it

Did you know that Minneapolis isn't the only Midwestern city with beautiful waterfront property? Do you need to lie down after hearing that mind-blowing news? Preferably near a beautiful waterfront? Then book yourself a stay at Chitown's just-opened Hotel Lincoln, a mod, boutique lodging overlooking Lake Michigan. The result of a complete renovation to a residential space that formerly hosted peeps of note David Mamet and Buckminster Fuller, it's now ready to host you (... of note?) as you enjoy its:

Rooms: The 187 apartment-like rooms range from studios to suites, have views of the lake or the downtown skyline, offer daily-changing room service menus created by Chef Paul Virant, and rock angular, red mirrors "inspired by inventor Buckminster Fuller", who, when not creating the Dymaxion map to project Earth's continents on a polyhedron and thus better avoid distortion, apparently liked to watch himself get freakayyyyyy!

Amenities: There's a fitness area, a biz center called "The Study", a comp wine hour Sun-Thur, a coffee shop, and the upscale eatery Perennial Virant, which slings seasonally inspired entrees from a dining space described as "farmhouse posh", also her original characterization before the Spice Girls settled on "stuck-up twat".

Cute Stuff: The Lincoln's also got no shortage of flair, whether it's a front desk built out of vintage dresser drawers, or pet fish named Abe and Mary Todd, because really, it's the little things... unless you're talking about the lake it's on, which again, is quite large.