Minneapolis is Here

Today's a huge day for The Minneapple: The Gopher's Tubby Smith has recommitted himself to good heath, and now vows to live up to the name "Sveltey Smith"Thrillist Minneapolis is launching. Tell, nay insist, nay, actually just tell, your Minneapolitan friends to check us out and sign up, lest they miss out on upcoming stories covering everything from a ride-up fixie bar hawking tall boys aplenty, to classy lakeside French picnicking where cheap hotdogs once sullied the land, to a gastropub full of skee ball machines so vintage, your short-shorting dad will actually come out and scold you for hand-placing balls in the 50 hole.

Forward this along to your Twin Cities buddies, and you'll gain their love, our love, and even self-love, which, as a confident, trimmed-down Sveltey will tell you, is the most important of all.