Travel to America's best brewpub

Did you know that the country's best brewpub is just 4hrs away in Madison? Well, you couldn't have, because it was only recently that The Great Dane won that top honor at the Great American Beer Festival

The gold-winning brewpub's a monster, with no shortage of spaces to enjoy some new (and individually GABF-winning) brews, from a throwback saloon, to a subterranean brick-lined rathskellar, to a lush beer garden, to a candlestick-murder-worthy billiards room replete with leather couches and shuffleboard. They've just dropped "Un-Leashed", a quarterly series of off-sale specialty beers that come in 22oz bombers, with the starting two varietals a 12% ABV Imperial Red Ale, and their Uber Bock, which A) is a great name for a metal band that does classical covers, and B) won individual gold at the GABF in the German-Style Dopplebock or Eisbock category

And you can of course also sample perennial stalwarts (like the English-style Black Earth Porter and the wheat-malted Crop Circle Wheat), drink of spigot-tapped casks (one current is Blackwater Scotch brewed with actual peat), and enjoy a rotating trio on their Brit-like "beer engines", which eschew CO2 for a hand pump and smoother taste, and would most certainly win GABF if there was a category for "best beer-related means of propulsion".