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Montreal's Six Latest & Greatest Resto Openings

Published On 07/12/2013 Published On 07/12/2013

Montreal, more than any other Canadian city, is famed for its food -- and that's because its chefs work tirelessly to produce new dishes, menus, and restaurants in what is clearly an effort to make its denizens as plump as their cousins to the south. Here's a peek at some of the most recent & buzz-causing spots to cut the ribbon:


KYO Bar Japonais; 711 C么te De La Place D'Armes
Slapped right in the middle of Old Montreal, KYO was opened by the folks behind Groupe Antonopoulos on June 20th. A chill, bar-oriented Japanese spot, it's decked out in traditional stone & wood, and offers over 25 varieties of sake to drown dishes like yellowtail sushi, Karaage fried chicken, Okonomiyaki seafood crepes, and more importantly: bacon-wrapped grapes, which we can only assume are a traditional Japanese delicacy.

Restaurant Ic么ne

Ic么ne; 3435, boul. St-Laurent
Charles Pariseau (of Le Local fame) has gone all-out with Ic么ne (which he opened in June) by giving it elegant art-deco stylings, a vast wine list, and an impressively classy seasonal menu w/ the likes of smoked duck & white turnips, or Berkshire pork chops w/ mustard cream.


La Petite Mangue; 300 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Considering the small number of decent Cambodian eateries in Montreal, the opening of La Petite Mangue is kind of awesome. Swinging the doors of its simple Mile End space in May, they're upping the Southeast Asian ante w/ exotic-spice-laden dishes like the Amok; a basa fish steamed in banana leaf w/ coconut, that people will be running for (!).


Joverse; 52 rue St-Jacques
It comes as no surprise that the uber-promoters Fab Boss, Karl Meche, & DJ Julian Prince are behind the latest & loudest bistro-cuisine-bar in town. The menu throws out sharers like salmon gravlax w/ pecan ice cream, or beef cheek confit burgers w/ gravy dip, but if you鈥檇 rather just have a drink, the spot's got a 2nd floor bar where big-name DJs like Christian Pronovost, Maus, Pat Boogie, and Might Kat like to drop-in and spin.


Les Coudes sur La Tables; 2275 Rue Ste-Catherine Est
Les Coudes is a modern-style spot w/ a gleaming polished steel bar and wood floors, and its got a name which roughly translates to "keep the elbows on the table", but don鈥檛 be fooled; it's probably a trick their menu options are definitely a few notches above casual, w/ classiness like braised lamb shoulder & coco beans, or flank steak w/ polenta & red wine sauce.

Flyjin; 417 Rue Saint Pierre
Let's face it, Japanese cuisine hasn鈥檛 really been Montreal鈥檚 strong suit for the last few years, but maybe that鈥檚 about to change this summer with the introduction of this sleek-looking izakaya. It's backed by the Les Enfants Terribles and L鈥橝uberge St. Gabriel crew, and they've given it an amazing menu (think foie gras & unagi BBQ or sablefish in sake, maple, and sesame), plus cocktails like the Zen Buddha, which mixes soju, curry, and sparkling sake -- though drinking it will only leave you one hand with which to clap.

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1. Kyo Bar Japonais 711 C么te de la Place d鈥橝rmes, Montreal, H2Y 2X6

This slick Japanese izakaya offers over 25 varieties of sake and wine, an impressive sushi bar, and killer cocktails like the wasabi-infused Kyo Cesar or Sake Colada.

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2. Restaurant Ic么ne 3435 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, H2X 2T6

This gourmet resto from Chef Charles Pariseau -- of Le Local restaurant fame -- serves up local and seasonal French and Canadian dishes.

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3. La Petite Mangue 300 Mont-Royal, Montreal, H2T 1P7

One of the best spots to snag Cambodian food in Montreal, this cozy nook packs an adventurous menu of traditional dishes like Amok (freshwater fish mixed w/ garlic, crushed peanuts, coconut milk and egg, all wrapped in banana leaves and steamed), Ginger Shrimp, and fried ice cream.

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4. Joverse 52 Saint Jacques, Montreal,

Metal and woodwork ornament this contemporary lounge, giving it an industrial artsy vibe. Community tables and sharable French fusion snacks so you'll mingle, weekly DJ shows so you'll dance, and a baller cocktail menu... so you'll do more of both.

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5. Les Coudes Sur La Table 2275 Sainte Catherine Est, Montreal,

This classy wine bar with upscale French cuisine is slightly pricey but is the perfect spot to take your lovely lady.

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6. Flyjin 417 Rue St-Pierre, Montreal, H2Y 2M3

Housed in a former underground club and decked out with red velvet booths, this Japanese pub features 'tails like the Rising Sun, made with mezcal, Lapsang Su Chong tea, and Cointreau chilies.



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