Top 10 items stolen from hotels

While most travelers score deals on hotel rooms by using discount websites or booking in advance, some guests prefer to lower their rates in a more "hands-on" way. Namely, by stealing everything in the room that isn't bolted down. From linens and bathrobes to slippers and batteries, here's a rundown of the top 10 items hotel guests stuff into their suitcases on the way out the door.

Hotel Room
Paul Gallow

10. Linens and curtains
It turns out kleptomaniacs want their homes to look like a page from the Pottery Barn catalogue. Who knew? Even more disturbing, though, is that thieving hotel guests seem to think they can get away with it unnoticed.

Ruthanne Reid

9. Silverware
Knives, forks, soup spoons, you name it; they all end up in a suitcase at some point. And you thought that lonely guy in room 602 ordering room service for four was just really hungry.

Sex toys
Radio Saigon

8. Sex toys
Don't expect these from a Starwood, but stay at a sexy place like the Standard and your mini-bar'll come complete with carnal tastes catered for. Not only are amorous guests unlikely to pause their passion to ask, "Wait, how much is this mini-vibrator?", but the odds of them mentioning it at checkout is even more remote. That makes it stealing. Worse yet (and seriously, this happens), people use the sex toys and then put them back in the box at the mini-bar. Talk about cheap thrills!

Hotel Slippers
John Mitchell

7. Slippers
Even if they're uncomfortable, and the wrong size, and are carved out of reclaimed driftwood, guests will still steal slippers -- it's part of the whole "bang for my buck" theory of hotel accommodation. Since nobody goes out of their way to buy slippers in real life, a comfortable pair in a hotel room is a one-stop-shop-and-steal.

Do Not Disturb sign
Quinn Dombrowski

6. "Do Not Disturb" signs
Thank Paul Heaton (from the late band The Beautiful South) for publicly announcing the thrill of taking the "Do Not Disturb" sign from every hotel room he every crashed at on tour. Not-at-all-surprising fun fact: These signs are reportedly stolen most often by drunk guests.

Hotel robes

5. Robes
While most guests are aware that they'll be charged for removing a robe from the room, they don't seem to understand that the same policy extends to the hotel spa. What's also stolen from spas? Grooming products like full-size lotion, shaving creams, and body sprays top the list.

Hotel mini fridge

4. Mini-bar booze
As you would imagine, the theft of liquor is a serious epidemic in hotels worldwide. And we're not even talking about taking the mini bottles -- guests frequently drink the booze and then refill them with water, or apple juice (for tequila), or even their own urine. Yes, sadly, it's happened. And it wasn't even Bear Grylls.

mountain of pillows on bed

3. Pillows
As you never know when guests will be staying in your home, you can always use an extra set of pillows. At least, the thinking of the kleptos pilfering them. It doesn't help that luxury hotels offer curated "pillow menus", which provide guests a wonderful assortment of head-comforting options. Again, there should be a Darwin-esque stupidity award for trying to steal these. THEY HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!!

Heather Kennedy

2. Batteries
Batteries are one of those items that people can't justify paying for at the drugstore. And why would they, when hotels conveniently gift-wrap them for guests in a remote control? It's really, like, the hotel's fault. No?

Hotel towels
Nate Steiner

1. Towels
Towels are the number one item stolen from hotels, which is why some luxury boutiques are going as far as to install RFID tracking microchips in them. Yes, hotel towels can be soft, and luxurious, and oh-so-comforting, but if you don't want the police showing up at your front door, do yourself a favor and make the trip to Target.