111 days, 18 endangered species, 12 nations, $1 million: your next vacation

If you've ever dreamed of ditching it all to spend four months tracking gorillas, and hanging out with lemurs, and reprimanding elephants for rudely reaching across the dinner table to grab more bread, you're gonna want to hop on this endangered species expedition. Also, you'll need a million bucks -- just so you know.

On the 12-country, 111-day "Journey to Nature's Edge" safari, you'll get up close and personal with 18 different endangered species, from Namibian black rhinos and emperor penguins in Antarctica, to Bengal tigers, Bornean orangutans, and jaguars in Brazil. There will also be Canadian polar bears.

All the while escaping the realities of the animals' plight as you kick back in some of the world's most exclusive accommodation -- from luxury tents, camps, and lodges, to a floating hotel and island retreat. A $1m ticket pays for two people, a guide, and transport costs, so it really works out to only $83,333 for each stop -- not bad, right? Even better, a percentage of the cost goes to conservation projects, so you're also doing something good. You are a good person.

So, looking for an exciting way to blow a million bucks? Just want to see stunning pics of gorgeous animals? Either way, you can do both, right here.

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. Follow her on a far less expensive safari to the Bronx Zoo, or on Twitter at @ChloePantazi.