It's 165 Goddamn Degrees in Iran

Published On 07/31/2015 Published On 07/31/2015

As if you needed further evidence life in Iran sucks (you don't), the ruling regime's not the only force oppressing people in the Middle Eastern nation. Try temperatures that feel like 165 degrees.

While Americans have been busy prepping their A/C units for the West Coast heatwave that's setting records around 110 degrees, Iranians have had to deal with a special brand of hell. The residents of Bandar Mahshahr have seen air temperatures of 115 degrees, and a dew point of a whopping 90 degrees, combining for a heat index of 165. That's all meteorological speak to say: It's really goddamn hot.

I have no idea what 165 degrees feels like. I've been in 115-degree heat, and water boils at 212 degrees. Anything approaching "hot enough to literally boil your blood" sounds like a no-go. And it's not like this is a one-day deal for Bandar Mahshahr -- it felt like 159 degrees on Thursday. As noted by the Washington Post, the area's location near the Persian Gulf, where water temperatures sit in the 90s, lead to unbearably high humidity and heat when winds blow off the water.

Photos of the ongoing heatwave were impossible to find on social media, because, well, have you ever heard of social media frenzies in Iran reaching Westerners? Exactly. But meteorologists have had plenty of material to work with.

Somewhere, the Iron Sheik is tweeting: AMERICA JABRONI. FUCK HEATWAVE.


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