You're Pronouncing These 19 Places Completely Wrong


While Bruges can at least thank Colin Farrell for teaching the world that it rhymes with "rouge," countless other cities continue to suffer as people awkwardly botch their names. From major international hubs to towns you only think about during college football season, here are 19 places with monikers that you -- or someone you know -- are saying completely wrong.

NOT: FUH-ket
Still not pronounced the way you really want it to be, but whatever, f*&k it.


NOT: BOY-zee
And just to mess with you a little more, its race track -- Les Bois -- is pronounced “Lay Bwah.”

NOT: BANG-cock
Far less giggle-inducing when you say it correctly.

Though if you’ve been there, it’s really more like Spo-can’t.


Not: i-BEE-zuh
Sander Kleinenberg got it right. Pitbull got it wrong.

NOT: MACK-in-ack
It’s pronounced EXACTLY like another spot in Michigan, Mackinaw City. Because the French.


NOT: Mar-BELL-uh
Spend time at one of its legendary pool parties and nobody will notice that you're butchering it anyway.

NOT: ED-in-burg
William Wallace didn’t die so you could make this sound like Pittsburgh.

Buy all the zany uniforms you want Phil Knight, you still can’t buy a national title and/or half of ESPN's announcers pronouncing your alma mater correctly.


NOT: New Found Land
It’s like someone decided to call this place “New Finland,” but thought it would be funny to confuse everyone. And throw in a "D."

NOT: Cans
If you pronounce the "S" it becomes a festival of films about soup.

NOT: WOKS-ah-kuh
Do not add “Flocka Flame” to the end though, the locals have heard that joke. And it’s not funny.

NOT: SEET-jizz
Not exactly sure what seet jizz is, but it cannot be good.

NOT: LYE-ces-tuhr
Just like the diner. Or the NBC anchorman. 

NOT: POUY-all-up
For all you new-to-Seattle Amazon bros, the name of that fair with the awesome scones rhymes with “YOU-gallup.”

NOT: Waw-KESH-uh
As much as you loved “Sleazy,” please note it’s not written Wauke$ha.

NOT: PIT-uzhe
Yes. Just like a pretend spitting sound.

NOT: Wilkes Bar
If you’re a big fan of the Yankees or The Office, you might get this one right. If you’re a big fan of ballet-inspired aerobics classes, probably not.


As in “Gstaad through the heart, and you’re to blame, your terrible pronunciation gives America a bad name.”

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